First product

We move to one of the most important sections of the Admin panel - products management. As you can see, the Catalog section in the menu is quite extended, but we will, for now, focus on product creation only.

You can pick a simple or configurable product type before its creation. Making long story short - simple is a product that has just one version, configurable is a product where the customer gets to choose some options of it (like size or colour). Check out the Products chapter in The Book for more information.


During the product creation, you can decide about many of its traits. How much does it cost? Is it a physical product that requires shipping? Should it be tracked within the inventory system? On which channel will it be available? Should it have some taxes added during the checkout or not? Take a while to explore these options later, right now let’s fill only the most critical data:



Great, the first stage is done! The whole checkout process is described in this part of the documentation.


We can now move to some more advanced parts of the tutorial - Sylius features customization and deploying it into the server, to make it available to the world.