Sylius Documentation

Sylius Welcome Page

Sylius is a modern e-commerce solution for PHP, based on Symfony Framework.


This documentation assumes you have a working knowledge of the Symfony Framework. If you’re not familiar with Symfony, please start with reading the Quick Tour from the Symfony documentation.


Getting Started with Sylius, The Book, Customization Guide, The Cookbook, BDD Guide and Performance Guide are chapters describing the usage of the whole Sylius platform, on the examples for Sylius-Standard distribution.

For tips on using only some bundles of Sylius head to Bundles and Components docs.

Getting Started with Sylius

The essential guide for the Sylius newcomers that want to know it’s most important features, quickly see the power of customization and run their first Sylius shop within a few hours.

The Book

The Developer’s guide to leveraging the flexibility of Sylius. Here you will find all the concepts used in the Sylius platform. The Book helps to understand how Sylius works.

Sylius Plus


Sylius Plus, which is a licensed edition of Sylius, gives you all the power of Open Source and much more. It comes with a set of enterprise-grade features and technical support from its creators. As the state-of-the-art eCommerce platform, it reduces risks and increases your ROI.

Documentation sections referring to Sylius Plus features are:


The Cookbook

The Cookbook is a collection of specific solutions for specific needs.

The BDD Guide

In the BDD Guide you will learn how to write clean and reusable features, contexts and pages using Behat.

The Performance Guide

With The Performance Guide you can decrease page loading times.