The BDD Guide¶

Behaviour driven development is an approach to software development process that provides software development and management teams with shared tools and a shared process to collaborate on software development. The awesome part of BDD is its ubiquitous language, which is used to describe the software in English-like sentences of domain specific language.

The application’s behaviour is described by scenarios, and those scenarios are turned into automated test suites with tools such as Behat.

Sylius behaviours are fully covered with Behat scenarios. There are more than 1200 scenarios in the Sylius suite, and if you want to understand some aspects of Sylius better, or are wondering how to configure something, we strongly recommend reading them. They can be found in the features/ directory of the Sylius/Sylius repository.

We use FriendsOfBehat/SymfonyExtension to integrate Behat with Symfony.