Sylius Plus Installation

Sylius Plus is a licensed, modular set of advanced extensions to Sylius applications that add new features and experience. As these are private packages they cannot be installed by every Sylius user, but only by those having the license.

Installing Sylius Plus modules as plugins to a Sylius application

Sylius Plus consists of modules in a flexible licensing model, where you can choose the features you need. Read more!

All the modules can be installed independently, they also work smoothly together in any combination. Due to that each module has its own installation instruction.

  1. Purchase a license for the selected Sylius Plus modules.
  2. Receive a Private Packagist access token and a personalised space on with a list of purchased packages.
  3. Access the installation instructions of Plus modules in their READMEs available through Private Packagist.
  4. Follow the installation instructions of each module in any order.
  5. Having all modules installed your Sylius project is ready and enhanced with tailored Sylius Plus features!