Countries are a part of the Addressing concept. The Country entity represents a real country that your shop is willing to sell its goods in (for example the UK). It has an ISO code to be identified easily (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2).

Countries might also have Provinces, which is in fact a general name for an administrative division, within a country. Therefore we understand provinces as states of the USA, voivodeships of Poland, cantons of Belgium or Bundesländer of Germany.

How to add a country?¶

To give you a better insight into Countries, let’s have a look on how to prepare and add a Country to the system programmatically. We will do it with a province at once.

You will need factories for countries and provinces in order to create them:

/** @var CountryInterface $country */
$country = $this->container->get('')->createNew();

/** @var ProvinceInterface $province */
$province = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.province')->createNew();

To the newly created objects assign codes.

// US - the United States of America
// US_CA - California

Provinces may be added to a country via a collection. Create one and add the province object to it and using the prepared collection add the province to the Country.

$provinces = new ArrayCollection();


You can of course simply add single province:


Finally you will need a repository for countries to add the country to your system.

/** @var RepositoryInterface $countryRepository */
$countryRepository = $this->get('');


From now on the country will be available to use in your system.