We hope you’ve enjoyed your first journey with Sylius. Basing on the already gathered knowledge you have now plenty of possibilities to use Sylius, customize it and add new functionalities with your own or Community’s code.

There are a few tips at the end of this tutorial:

  • if you want to improve your knowledge about Sylius features, take a look at The Book
  • if you’re interested in making more customizations, you should read some chapters from The Customization Guide
  • if you want to share your work with the Community, check out the Sylius Plugins chapter

And the most important - if you want to become a part of our collectivity, join our Slack and follow our repository to be always up-to-date with the newest Sylius releases. If you have any ideas about how to make Sylius better and want to support us on catalyzing trade with technology - open issues, pull requests and join discussions on Github. Sylius is only strong with the Community :)

Good luck!