Customizing Factories


Some factories may already be decorated in the Sylius Core. You need to check before decorating which factory (Component or Core) is your resource using.

Why would you customize a Factory?

Differently configured versions of resources may be needed in various scenarios in your application. You may need for instance to:

  • create a Product with a Supplier (which is your own custom entity)
  • create a disabled Product (for further modifications)
  • create a ProductReview with predefined description

and many, many more.

How to customize a Factory?


You can browse the full implementation of this example on this GitHub Pull Request.

Let’s assume that you would want to have a possibility to create disabled products.

1. Create your own factory class in the App\Factory namespace. Remember that it has to implement a proper interface. How can you check that?

For the ProductFactory run:

php bin/console debug:container sylius.factory.product

As a result you will get the Sylius\Component\Product\Factory\ProductFactory - this is the class that you need to decorate. Take its interface (Sylius\Component\Product\Factory\ProductFactoryInterface) and implement it.



namespace App\Factory;

use Sylius\Component\Product\Model\ProductInterface;
use Sylius\Component\Product\Factory\ProductFactoryInterface;

final class ProductFactory implements ProductFactoryInterface
    /** @var ProductFactoryInterface  */
    private $decoratedFactory;

    public function __construct(ProductFactoryInterface $factory)
        $this->decoratedFactory = $factory;

    public function createNew(): ProductInterface
        return $this->decoratedFactory->createNew();

    public function createWithVariant(): ProductInterface
        return $this->decoratedFactory->createWithVariant();

    public function createDisabled(): ProductInterface
        /** @var ProductInterface $product */
        $product = $this->decoratedFactory->createWithVariant();


        return $product;

2. In order to decorate the base ProductFactory with your implementation you need to configure it as a decorating service in the config/services.yaml.

        class: App\Factory\ProductFactory
        decorates: sylius.factory.product
        arguments: ['@app.factory.product.inner']
        public: false

3. You can use the new method of the factory in routing.

After the sylius.factory.product has been decorated it has got the new createDisabled() method. To actually use it overwrite sylius_admin_product_create_simple route like below in config/routes.yaml:

# config/routes.yaml
    path: /products/new/simple
    methods: [GET, POST]
        _controller: sylius.controller.product:createAction
            section: admin
                method: createDisabled # like here for example
            template: "@SyliusAdmin/Crud/create.html.twig"
            redirect: sylius_admin_product_update
                subheader: sylius.ui.manage_your_product_catalog
                    form: "@SyliusAdmin/Product/_form.html.twig"
                    name: sylius_admin_product_create_simple

Good to know

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All the customizations can be done either in your application directly or in Plugins!