This section is based on the great Symfony documentation.

Install to Contribute

Before you can start contributing to Sylius code or documentation, you should install Sylius locally.

To install Sylius main application from our main repository and contribute, run the following command:

composer create-project sylius/sylius

This will create a new Sylius project in sylius directory. When all the dependencies are installed, you should create .env file basing on provides .env.dist files. The most important parameter that need to be set, is DATABASE_URL.


After everything is in place, run the following commands:

cd sylius # Move to the newly created directory
php bin/console sylius:install

The sylius:install command actually runs several other commands, which will ask you some questions and check if everything is setup to run Sylius properly.

This package contains our main Sylius development repository, with all the components and bundles in the src/ folder.

In order to see a fully functional frontend you will need to install its assets.

Sylius already has a gulpfile.babel.js, therefore you just need to get Gulp using Node.js.

Having Node.js installed go to your project directory and run:

yarn install

And now you can use gulp for installing views, by just running a simple command:

yarn build

For the contributing process questions, please refer to the Contributing Guide that comes up in the following chapters: