The functionality of contacting the shop support/admin is in Sylius very basic. Each Channel of your shop may have a contactEmail configured on it. This will be the email address to support.

Contact form

The contact form can be found on the /contact route.


When the contactEmail is not configured on the channel, the customer will see the following flash message:


The form itself has only two fields email (which will be filled automatically for the logged in users) and message.


The ContactEmailManager service is responsible for the sending of a contact request email. It can be found under the service id.


The controller responsible for the request action handling is the ContactController. It has the service id.


The routing for contact can be found in the Sylius/Bundle/ShopBundle/Resources/config/routing/contact.yml file. By overriding that routing you will be able to customize redirect url, error flash, success flash, form and its template.

You can also change the template of the email that is being sent by simply overriding it in your project in the templates/bundles/SyliusShopBundle/Email/contactRequest.html.twig file.