Fixtures are used mainly for testing, but also for having your shop in a certain state, having defined data - they ensure that there is a fixed environment in which your application is working.


The way Fixtures are designed in Sylius is well described in the FixturesBundle documentation.

What are the available fixtures in Sylius?

To check what fixtures are defined in Sylius run:

php bin/console sylius:fixtures:list

How to load Sylius fixtures?

The recommended way to load the predefined set of Sylius fixtures is here:

php bin/console sylius:fixtures:load

What data is loaded by fixtures in Sylius?

All files that serve for loading fixtures of Sylius are placed in the Sylius/Bundle/CoreBundle/Fixture/* directory.

And the specified data for fixtures is stored in the Sylius/Bundle/CoreBundle/Resources/config/app/fixtures.yml file.

Available configuration options


Configuration key Function
load_default_locale Determine if default shop locale (defined as %locale%) parameter will be loaded. True by default.
locales Array of locale codes, which will be loaded. Empty by default.