Customizing Flashes

Why would you customize a flash?

If you would like to change any of the flash messages defined in Sylius in any desired language.

For example:

  • change the content of a flash when you add resource in the admin
  • change the content of a flash when you register in the shop

and many other places where you can customize the text content of the default flashes.

How to customize a flash message?


You can browse the full implementation of these examples on this GitHub Pull Request.

In order to customize a resource flash in your project:

1. Create the translations\flashes.en.yaml for english contents of your flashes.


You can create different files for different locales (languages). For example should hold only polish flashes, as they will be visible when the current locale is PL. Check Locales docs for more information.

2. In this file configure the desired flash key and give it a translation.

If you would like to change the flash message while updating a Taxon, you will need to configure the flash under the sylius.taxon.update key:

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All the customizations can be done either in your application directly or in Plugins!