How to configure PayPal Express Checkout?


PayPal Express Checkout integration is deprecated. Take a look at the PayPal Commerce Platform integration, which is now the default PayPal-related gateway for Sylius.

One of the most frequently used payment methods in e-commerce is PayPal. Its configuration in Sylius is really simple.

Add a payment method with the Paypal Express gateway in the Admin Panel


To test this configuration properly you will need a developer account on Paypal.

  • Create a new payment method choosing Paypal Express Checkout gateway from the gateways choice dropdown and enable it for chosen channels.

Go to the https://localhost:8000/admin/payment-methods/new/paypal_express_checkout url.

  • Fill in the Paypal configuration form with your developer account data (username, password and signature).
  • Save the new payment method.

Choosing Paypal Express method in Checkout

From now on Paypal Express will be available in Checkout in the channel you have created it for.