How to stay with Gulp after Sylius 1.12 update

If you want to stay with Gulp (what we do not recommend), that is the guide made just for you.


This guide should be used only for existing projects. We consider using gulp as deprecated and we do not recommend using it for new projects.

1. Update your dependencies version in package.json file to the latest version. You can copy the package.json content from Sylius/Sylius repository.


This step is required even if you do not want to use Webpack. In Sylius 1.12 we have bumped all of our JS dependencies, what forced use to adjust our Gulp configs to the new versions of libraries.

2. Revert changes in package.json file scripts section:

- "watch": "encore dev --watch",
- "build": "encore dev",
- "build:prod": "encore production",
+"watch": "gulp watch",
+"build": "gulp build",

3. Update .babelrc file:

  "presets": [
-    ["env", {
+    ["@babel/preset-env", {
      "targets": {
        "node": "6"
-     },
+     }
-      "useBuiltIns": true
  "plugins": [
-    ["transform-object-rest-spread", {
+    ["@babel/plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread", {
      "useBuiltIns": true

4. Disable Webpack in config/packages/_sylius.yaml file:

+    use_webpack: false