How to use installer commands?

Sylius platform ships with the sylius:install command, which takes care of creating the database, schema, dumping the assets and basic store configuration.

This command actually uses several other commands behind the scenes and each of those is available for you:

Checking system requirements

You can quickly check all your system requirements and possible recommendations by calling the following command:

php bin/console sylius:install:check-requirements

Database configuration

Sylius can create or even reset the database/schema for you, simply call:

php bin/console sylius:install:database

The command will check if your database schema exists. If yes, you may decide to recreate it from scratch, otherwise Sylius will take care of this automatically. It also allows you to load sample data.

Loading sample data

You can load sample data by calling the following command:

php bin/console sylius:install:sample-data

Basic store configuration

To configure your store, use this command and answer all questions:

php bin/console sylius:install:setup

Installing assets

You can reinstall all web assets by simply calling:

php bin/console sylius:install:assets

How to load custom fixtures suite?

If you have your custom fixtures suite, you can load it during install by providing at fixture-suite parameter:

php bin/console sylius:install --fixture-suite=your_custom_fixtures_suite

Same option also available at sylius:install:database, sylius:install:sample-data commands.