4. How actions are applied?


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Everything related to this subject is located in Sylius\Component\Promotion\Action.

4.1. Actions

Actions can be created by implementing PromotionActionCommandInterface. This interface provides the method execute which aim is to apply a promotion to its subject. It also provides the method getConfigurationFormType which has to return the form name related to this action.

Actions have to be defined as services and have to use the tag named sylius.promotion_action with the attributes type and label.

As SyliusPromotionBundle is totally independent, it does not provide actions out of the box.


Sylius\Component\Core\Promotion\Action\FixedDiscountPromotionActionCommand from Sylius/Sylius-Standard is an example of action for a fixed amount discount. The related service is called sylius.promotion_action.fixed_discount.


Sylius\Component\Core\Promotion\Action\PercentageDiscountPromotionActionCommand from Sylius/Sylius-Standard is an example of action for a discount based on percentage. The related service is called sylius.promotion_action.percentage_discount.

Learn more about actions in the cart promotions concept documentation and in the Cookbook.

4.2. Applying actions to promotions

We have seen above how actions can be created. Now let’s see how they are applied to their subject.

The PromotionApplicator is responsible of this via its method apply. This method will execute all the registered actions of a promotion on a subject.