4. Using the services


We’re sorry but this documentation section is outdated. Please have that in mind when trying to use it. You can help us making documentation up to date via Sylius Github. Thank you!

When using the bundle, you have access to several handy services. You can use them to retrieve and persist orders.

4.1. Managers and Repositories


Sylius uses Doctrine\Common\Persistence interfaces.

You have access to following services which are used to manage and retrieve resources.

This set of default services is shared across almost all Sylius bundles, but this is just a convention. You’re interacting with them like you usually do with own entities in your project.


// ObjectManager which is capable of managing the resources.
// For *doctrine/orm* driver it will be EntityManager.

// ObjectRepository for the Order resource, it extends the base EntityRepository.
// You can use it like usual entity repository in project.

// Those repositories have some handy default methods, for example...
$item = $itemRepository->createNew();
$paginator = $orderRepository->createPaginator(array('confirmed' => false)); // Get Pagerfanta instance for all unconfirmed orders.

4.2. OrderItemQuantityModifier

OrderItemQuantityModifier should be used to modify OrderItem quantity, because of whole background units’ logic, that needs to be done. This service handles this task, adding and removing proper amounts of units to OrderItem.


$orderItemFactory = $this->get('sylius.factory.order_item');
$orderItemQuantityModifier = $this->get('sylius.order_item_quantity_modifier');

$orderItem = $orderItemFactory->createNew();
$orderItem->getQuantity(); // default quantity of order item is 0


$orderItemQuantityModifier->modify($orderItem, 4);

$orderItem->getQuantity(); // after using modifier, quantity is as expected
$orderItem->getTotal();    // item's total is sum of all units' total (units have been created by modifier)

$orderItemQuantityModifier->modify($orderItem, 2);

// OrderItemQuantityModifier can also reduce item's quantity and remove unnecessary units

$orderItem->getQuantity(); // 2
$orderItem->getTotal();    // 2000