Sylius Core Team┬Â

The Sylius Core Team is the group of developers that determine the direction and evolution of the Sylius project. Their votes rule if the features and patches proposed by the community are approved or rejected.

All the Sylius Core Team members are long-time contributors with solid technical expertise and they have demonstrated a strong commitment to drive the project forward.

This document states the rules that govern the Sylius Core Team. These rules are effective upon publication of this document and all Sylius Core Team members must adhere to said rules and protocol.

Core Team Organization┬Â

Sylius Core Team members have the following roles:

  1. Project Leader
  • Defines business vision & strategy
  • Elects Sylius Core Team Members
  1. Lead Developer
  • Defines technical vision & strategy
  • Coordinates community
  • Connects with other projects
  1. Documentation Lead
  • Coordinates the work related to the documentation
  1. Core Developer
  • Can review & merge all code PRs and issues
  • Focuses on a specific area of the system

Active Core Team Members┬Â

Core Membership Application┬Â

At present, new Sylius Core Team membership applications are not accepted, although we are in the process of inviting new members.

Core Membership Revocation┬Â

A Sylius Core Team membership can be revoked for any of the following reasons:

  • Refusal to follow the rules and policies stated in this document;
  • Lack of activity for the past six months;
  • Willful negligence or intent to harm the Sylius project;
  • Upon decision of the Project Leader.

Should new Sylius Core Team memberships be accepted in the future, revoked members must wait at least 6 months before re-applying.

Sylius Core Team Rules and Protocol Amendments┬Â

The rules described in this document may be amended at anytime by the Project Leader.