Sylius Plugins

Sylius as a platform has a lot of space for various customizations and extensions. It aims to provide a simple schema for developing plugins. Anything you can imagine can be implemented and added to the Sylius framework as a plugin.

The official list of plugins


The official list of Sylius Plugins is available on the Sylius website here.

What are the plugins for?

The plugins either modify or extend Sylius default behaviour, providing useful features that are built on top of the Sylius Core.

Exemplary features may be: Social media buttons, newsletter, wishlists, payment gateways integrations etc.

How to make a Sylius Plugin official?

Since Sylius is an open-source platform, there is a certain flow in order for the plugin to become officially adopted by the community.

1. Develop the plugin using the official Plugin Development guide.

2. Remember about the tests and code quality!

3. Send it to the project maintainers. It can be via email to any member of the Sylius Core team, or the official Sylius Slack.

4. Wait for your Plugin to be featured the list of plugins on the Sylius website.