Customizing Validation

The default validation group for all resources is sylius, but you can configure your own validation.

How to customize validation?

Let’s take the example of changing the length of name for the Product entity - watch out the field name is hold on the ProductTranslation model.

In the sylius validation group the minimum length is equal to 2. What if you’d want to have at least 10 characters?

1. Create the AppBundle/Resources/config/validation.yml.

In this file you need to overwrite the whole validation of your field that you are willing to modify. Take this configuration from the Sylius/Bundle/ProductBundle/Resources/config/validation/ProductTranslation.xml - you can choose format xml or yaml.

Give it a new, custom validation group - [app_product].

            - NotBlank:
                groups: [app_product]
            - Length:
                min: 10
                max: 255
                groups: [app_product]


When using custom validation messages see here how to add them.

2. Configure the new validation group in the app/config/services.yml.

# app/config/services.yml
    sylius.form.type.product_translation.validation_groups: [app_product]
    sylius.form.type.product.validation_groups: [app_product] # the product class also needs to be aware of the translation'a validation

Remember to import the app/config/services.yml into the app/config/config.yml.

# app/config/config.yml
    - { resource: "services.yml" }

Done. Now in all forms where the Product name is being used, your new validation group will be applied, not letting users add products with name shorter than 10 characters.

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All the customizations can be done either in your application directly or in Plugins!