How to add an additional endpoint?¶

Let’s assume that you want to add a new endpoint to the Order resource that will be dispatching a command. If you want to customize any API resource, you need to copy the entire configuration of this resource from %kernel.project_dir%/vendor/sylius/sylius/src/Sylius/Bundle/ApiBundle/Resources/config/api_resources/ to %kernel.project_dir%/config/api_platform. Add the following configuration in the config copied to config/api_platform/Order.xml:

    <collectionOperation name="custom_operation">
        <attribute name="method">POST</attribute>
        <attribute name="path">/shop/orders/custom-operation</attribute>
        <attribute name="messenger">input</attribute>
        <attribute name="input">App\Command\CustomCommand</attribute>

And that’s all, now you have a new endpoint with your custom logic.


Read more about API Platform endpoint configuration here

How to remove an endpoint?¶

Let’s assume that your shop is offering only digital products. Therefore, while checking out, your customers do not need to choose a shipping method for their orders.

Thus you will need to modify the configuration file of the Order resource and remove the shipping method choosing endpoint from it. To remove the endpoint you only need to delete the unnecessary configuration from your config/api_platform/Order.xml which is a copied configuration file, that overwrites the one from Sylius.

<!-- delete this configuration -->
<itemOperation name="shop_select_shipping_method">
    <!-- ... -->