How to create a custom inventory sources filter?

In this guide, we will create a new inventory source filter with the lowest priority, that provides inventory source with the lowest stock.

1. Implement LeastItemsInventorySourcesFilter

First of all, the inventory sources filter has to implement the Sylius\Plus\Inventory\Application\Filter\InventorySourcesFilterInterface.

Then implement the behaviour inside of the filter method of your service:



namespace App\Inventory\Filter;

use Sylius\Plus\Entity\ProductVariantInterface;
use Sylius\Plus\Inventory\Application\Filter\InventorySourcesFilterInterface;
use Sylius\Plus\Inventory\Domain\Model\InventorySourceInterface;
use Sylius\Plus\Inventory\Domain\Model\VariantsQuantityMapInterface;

final class LeastItemsInventorySourcesFilter implements InventorySourcesFilterInterface
    public function filter(array $inventorySources, VariantsQuantityMapInterface $variantsQuantityMap): array
        $inventorySourcesItems = [];

        /** @var InventorySourceInterface $inventorySource */
        foreach ($inventorySources as $inventorySource) {
            $inventorySourcesItems[$inventorySource->getCode()] = 0;

            foreach ($variantsQuantityMap->iterate() as $variantData) {
                /** @var ProductVariantInterface $variant */
                $variant = $variantData['variant'];

                if (!$variant->isTracked()) {

                $stock = $variant->getInventorySourceStockForInventorySource($inventorySource);

                $inventorySourcesItems[$inventorySource->getCode()] += $stock->getAvailable();

        return [$this->getInventorySourceByCode(
            array_search(min($inventorySourcesItems), $inventorySourcesItems)

    private function getInventorySourceByCode(array $inventorySources, string $code): ?InventorySourceInterface
        /** @var InventorySourceInterface $inventorySource */
        foreach ($inventorySources as $inventorySource) {
            if ($inventorySource->getCode() === $code) {
                return $inventorySource;

        return null;

2. Register the custom filter with defined priority

Your filtering service has to be registered in the config/services.yaml file with sylius_plus.inventory.inventory_sources_filter tag and priority attribute set, as we can see below:

            - { name: 'sylius_plus.inventory.inventory_sources_filter', priority: -10 }

After registering the filter, with such a priority, it will be invoked as the last one, after the default filters provided in Sylius Plus.

That’s all you have to do to customize the inventory sources resolving strategy in your application.