Cart Promotions

The system of Cart Promotions in Sylius is really flexible. It is a combination of promotion rules and actions.

Cart Promotions have a few parameters - a unique code, name, usageLimit, the period of time when it works. There is a possibility to define exclusive cart promotions (no other can be applied if an exclusive promotion was applied) and priority that is useful for them, because the exclusive promotion should get the top priority.


The usageLimit of a promotion is the total number of times this promotion can be used.


Promotion priorities are numbers that you assign to the promotion. The larger the number, the higher the priority. So a promotion with priority 3 would be applied before a promotion with priority set to 1.

What can you use the priority for? Well, imagine that you have two different cart promotions, one’s action is to give 10% discount on whole order and the other one gives 5$ discount from the order total. Business (and money) wise, which one should we apply first? ;)

How to create a Promotion programmatically?

Just as usual, use a factory. The promotion needs a code and a name.

/** @var PromotionInterface $promotion */
$promotion = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.promotion')->createNew();

$promotion->setName('Simple Promotion');

Of course an empty promotion would be useless - it is just a base for adding Rules and Actions. Let’s see how to make it functional.

Promotion Rules

The promotion Rules restrict in what circumstances a promotion will be applied. An appropriate RuleChecker (each Rule type has its own RuleChecker) may check if the Order:

  • Contains a number of items from a specified taxon (for example: contains 4 products that are categorized as t-shirts)
  • Has a specified total price of items from a given taxon (for example: all mugs in the order cost 20$ in total)
  • Has total price of at least a defined value (for example: the orders’ items total price is equal at least 50$)

And many more similar, suitable to your needs.

Rule Types

The types of rules that are configured in Sylius by default are:

  • Cart Quantity - checks if there is a given amount of items in the cart,
  • Item Total - checks if items in the cart cost a given amount of money,
  • Has at least one from taxons - checks if there is at least one item from given taxons in the cart,
  • Total price of items from taxon - checks in the cart if items from a given taxon cost a given amount of money,
  • Nth Order - checks if this is for example the second order made by the customer,
  • Shipping Country - checks if the order’s shipping address is in a given country.
  • Customer Group - checks if the current customer is in a given customer group.
  • Contains Product - checks if the order contains a certain product.

How to create a new PromotionRule programmatically?

Creating a PromotionRule is really simple since we have the PromotionRuleFactory. It has dedicated methods for creating all types of rules available by default.

In the example you can see how to create a simple Cart Quantity rule. It will check if there are at least 5 items in the cart.

/** @var PromotionRuleFactoryInterface $ruleFactory */
$ruleFactory = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.promotion_rule');

$quantityRule = $ruleFactory->createCartQuantity('5');

// add your rule to the previously created Promotion


Rules are just constraints that have to be fulfilled by an order to make the promotion eligible. To make something happen to the order you will need Actions.

PromotionRules configuration reference

Each PromotionRule type has a very specific structure of its configuration array:

PromotionRule type Rule Configuration Array
cart_quantity ['count' => $count]
item_total [$channelCode => ['amount' => $amount]]
has_taxon ['taxons' => $taxons]
total_of_items_from_taxon [$channelCode => ['taxon' => $taxonCode, 'amount' => $amount]]
nth_order ['nth' => $nth]
contains_product ['product_code' => $productCode]

Promotion Actions

Promotion Action is basically what happens when the rules of a Promotion are fulfilled, what discount is applied on the whole Order (or its Shipping cost).

There are a few kinds of actions in Sylius:

  • fixed discount on the order (for example: -5$ off the order total)
  • percentage discount on the order (for example: -10% on the whole order)
  • fixed unit discount (for example: -1$ off the order total but distributed and applied on each order item unit)
  • percentage unit discount (for example: -10% off the order total but distributed and applied on each order item unit)
  • shipping precentage discount (for example: -10% off the costs of shipping)


Actions are applied on all items in the Order. If you are willing to apply discounts on specific items in the order check Filters at the bottom of this article.

How to create an PromotionAction programmatically?

In order to create a new PromotionAction we can use the dedicated PromotionActionFactory.

It has special methods for creating all types of actions available by default. In the example below you can see how to create a simple Fixed Discount action, that reduces the total of an order by 10$.

/** @var PromotionActionFactoryInterface $actionFactory */
$actionFactory = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.promotion_action');

$action = $actionFactory->createFixedDiscount(10);

// add your action to the previously created Promotion


All Actions are assigned to a Promotion and are executed while the Promotion is applied. This happens via the CompositeOrderProcessor service. See details of applying Cart Promotions below.

And finally after you have an PromotionAction and a PromotionRule assigned to the Promotion add it to the repository.


PromotionActions configuration reference

Each PromotionAction type has a very specific structure of its configuration array:

PromotionAction type Action Configuration Array
order_fixed_discount [$channelCode => ['amount' => $amount]]
unit_fixed_discount [$channelCode => ['amount' => $amount]]
order_percentage_discount ['percentage' => $percentage]
unit_percentage_discount [$channelCode => ['percentage' => $percentage]]
shipping_percentage_discount ['percentage' => $percentage]

Applying Cart Promotions

Cart Promotions in Sylius are handled by the PromotionProcessor which inside uses the PromotionApplicator.

The PromotionProcessor’s method process() is executed on the subject of cart promotions - an Order:

  • firstly it iterates over the cart promotions of a given Order and first reverts them all,
  • then it checks the eligibility of all cart promotions available in the system on the given Order
  • and finally it applies all the eligible cart promotions to that order.

How to apply a Cart Promotion manually?

Let’s assume that you would like to apply a 10% discount on everything somewhere in your code.

To achieve that, create a Cart Promotion with an PromotionAction that gives 10% discount. You don’t need rules.

/** @var PromotionInterface $promotion */
$promotion = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.promotion')->createNew();

$promotion->setName('10% discount');

/** @var PromotionActionFactoryInterface $actionFactory */
$actionFactory = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.promotion_action');

$action = $actionFactory->createPercentageDiscount(10);



// and now get the PromotionApplicator and use it on an Order (assuming that you have one)
$this->container->get('sylius.promotion_applicator')->apply($order, $promotion);

Promotion Filters

Filters are really handy when you want to apply promotion’s actions to groups of products in an Order. For example if you would like to apply actions only on products from a desired taxon - use the available by default TaxonFilter.

Read these scenarios regarding promotion filters to have a better understanding of them.