Adjustment is a resource closely connected to the Orders’ concept. It influences the order’s total.

Adjustments may appear on the Order, the OrderItems and the OrderItemUnits.

There are a few types of adjustments in Sylius:

  • Order Promotion Adjustments,
  • OrderItem Promotion Adjustments,
  • OrderItemUnit Promotion Adjustments,
  • Shipping Adjustments,
  • Shipping Promotion Adjustments,
  • Tax Adjustments

And they can be generally divided into three groups: promotion adjustments, shipping adjustments and taxes adjustments.

Also note that adjustments can be either positive: charges (with a +) or negative: discounts (with a -).

How to create an Adjustment programmatically?¶

The Adjustments alone are a bit useless. They should be created alongside Orders.

As usual, get a factory and create an adjustment. Then give it a type - you can find all the available types on the AdjustmentInterface. The adjustment needs also the amount - which is the amount of money that will be added to the orders total.


The amount is always saved in the base currency.

Additionally you can set the label that will be displayed on the order view and whether your adjustment is neutral - neutral adjustments do not affect the order’s total (like for example taxes included in price).

/** @var AdjustmentInterface $adjustment */
$adjustment = $this->container->get('sylius.factory.adjustment')->createNew();

$adjustment->setLabel('Test Promotion Adjustment');



Remember that if you are creating OrderItem adjustments you have to add them on the OrderItem level. The same happens with the OrderItemUnit adjustments, which have to be added on the OrderItemUnit level.

To see changes on the order you need to update it in the database.



An adjustment can be locked with $adjustment->lock(). It can be useful when the total order price is recalculated and a promotion isn’t applicable anymore but you still want it to be applied to the order. In case of an expired coupon that still should be included in the order for example.