System Requirements

Here you will find the list of system requirements that have to be adhered to be able to use Sylius. First of all have a look at the requirements for running Symfony.

Read about the LAMP stack and the MAMP stack.

Operating Systems

The recommended operating systems for running Sylius are the Unix systems - Linux, MacOS.

Web server and configuration

In the production environment we do recommend using Apache web server ≥ 2.2.

While developing the recommended way to work with your Symfony application is to use PHP’s built-in web server.

Go there to see the full reference to the web server configuration.

PHP required modules and configuration

PHP version:

PHP ^8.0

PHP extensions:

gd No specific configuration
exif No specific configuration
fileinfo No specific configuration
intl No specific configuration

PHP configuration settings:

memory_limit ≥1024M
date.timezone Europe/Warsaw


Use your local timezone, for example America/Los_Angeles or Europe/Berlin. See for the list of all available timezones.


By default, the database connection is pre-configured to work with a following MySQL configuration:

MySQL 5.7+, 8.0+


You might also use any other RDBMS (like PostgreSQL), but our database migrations support MySQL only.

NPM Package Manager

Sylius Frontend depends on npm packages for it to run you need to have Node.js installed. Current minimum supported version of Node.js is:

Node.js 14.x

Access rights

Most of the application folders and files require only read access, but a few folders need also the write access for the Apache/Nginx user:

  • var/cache
  • var/log
  • public/media

You can read how to set these permissions in the Symfony - setting up permissions section.