Installation with Docker


Docker is an open-sourced platform for developing, delivering, and running applications. Docker allows you to separate your application from your infrastructure, simplifies software delivery. Docker allows you to manage infrastructure in the same way that applications are managed. Implementing the platform methodology, enables fast code delivery, testing, and implementation. Docker significantly reduces the delay between writing the code and running it in the production environment.


Make sure you have Docker and make installed on your local machine.

Project Setup

Clone Sylius-Standard repository or if you are using GitHub you can use the Use this template button that will create new repository with Sylius-Standard content.

git clone [email protected]:Sylius/Sylius-Standard.git your_project_name


Sylius Standard comes with the docker compose configuration. You can start the development environment via the make init command in your favorite terminal. Please note that the speed of building images and initializing containers depends on your local machine and internet connection - it may take some time. Then enter localhost in your browser or execute open http://localhost/ in your terminal.

make init
open http://localhost/