Sylius API paths

All paths in new API have the same prefix structure: /api/v2/admin/ or /api/v2/shop/ The /api/v2 prefix part indicates the API version and the /admin/ or /shop/ prefixes are necessary for authorization purposes. When you are adding a new path to API resource configuration, you should remember to add also proper prefix.

You can declare the entire path for each operation (without /api/v2/ as this part is configured globally):

<collectionOperation name="admin_get">
    <attribute name="method">GET</attribute>
    <attribute name="path">admin/orders</attribute>

or you can add a proper prefix for all paths in the chosen resource:

<attribute name="route_prefix">shop</attribute>


In some situations, you may need to add a path with a custom structure, in this case, you will probably need to configure also the appropriate access in the security file (config/security.yaml)