Creating Resources¶

Every resource provided by a Sylius component should be created via a factory.

Some resources use the default resource class while some use custom implementations to provide extra functionality.

Using Factory To Create New Resource¶

To create new resources you should use the default factory implementation.


use Sylius\Component\Product\Model\Product;
use Sylius\Component\Resource\Factory\Factory;

$factory = new Factory(Product::class);

$product = $factory->createNew();

That’s it! The $product variable will hold a clean instance of the Product model.

Why Even Bother?¶

“Hey! This is same as $product = new Product();!”

Yes, and no. Every Factory implements FactoryInterface and this allows you to abstract the way that resources are created. It also makes testing much simpler because you can mock the Factory and use it as a test double in your service.

What is more, thanks to usage of Factory pattern, Sylius is able to easily swap the default Product (or any other resource) model with your custom implementation, without changing code.


For more detailed information go to Sylius API Factory.


In a concrete Component’s documentation we will use new keyword to create resources - just to keep things simpler to read.