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Order processors are responsible for manipulating the orders to apply different predefined adjustments or other modifications based on order state.


You can use it when you want to create your own custom processor.

The following code applies 10% discount adjustment to orders above 100€.


use Sylius\Component\Order\Processor\OrderProcessorInterface;
use Sylius\Component\Order\Model\OrderInterface;
use Sylius\Component\Order\Model\Adjustment;

class DiscountByPriceOrderProcessor implements OrderProcessorInterface
    public function process(OrderInterface $order)
        if($order->getTotal() > 10000) {
            $discount10Percent = new Adjustment();
            $discount10Percent->setAmount($order->getTotal() / 100 * 10);
            $discount10Percent->setType('Percent Discount');
            // It would be good practice to set `label` but it's not mandatory
            $discount10Percent->setLabel('10% discount');


Composite order processor works as a registry of processors, allowing to run multiple processors in priority order.