System Requirements

Here you will find the list of system requirements that have to be adhered to be able to use Sylius. First of all have a look at the requirements for running Symfony.

Read about the LAMP stack and the MAMP stack.

Operating Systems

The recommended operating systems for running Sylius are the Unix systems - Linux, MacOS.

Web server and configuration

In the production environment we do recommend using Apache web server ≥ 2.2.

While developing the recommended way to work with your Symfony application is to use PHP’s built-in web server.

Go there to see the full reference to the web server configuration.

PHP required modules and configuration

PHP version:

PHP ^8.0

PHP extensions:

gd No specific configuration
exif No specific configuration
fileinfo No specific configuration
intl No specific configuration

PHP configuration settings:

memory_limit ≥1024M
date.timezone Europe/Warsaw


Use your local timezone, for example America/Los_Angeles or Europe/Berlin. See for the list of all available timezones.


By default, the database connection is pre-configured to work with a following MySQL configuration:

MySQL 5.7+, 8.0+


You might also use any other RDBMS (like PostgreSQL), but our database migrations support MySQL only.

Access rights

Most of the application folders and files require only read access, but a few folders need also the write access for the Apache/Nginx user:

  • var/cache
  • var/log
  • public/media

You can read how to set these permissions in the Symfony - setting up permissions section.