How to configure tax rates to be based on shipping address?¶

The default configuration of Sylius tax calculation is based on billing address but there are situations where we would like to use a shipping address to be used in this process. This may be useful to anyone who uses Sylius in European Union as from 1st July 2021 the new taxation rules will be applied.


You can learn more about new EU taxation rules here.

To change the way how the taxes are calculated; by billing or by shipping address, you need to override the service called OrderTaxesProcessor.php from Sylius/Component/Core/OrderProcessing.

First let’s copy code from original Processor to our service from %kernel.project_dir%/vendor/sylius/sylius/src/Sylius/Component/Core/OrderProcessing/OrderTaxesProcessor.php to src/OrderProcessing/OrderTaxesProcessor.php

Then register our new service:

# app/config/services.yaml
        - '@sylius.provider.channel_based_default_zone_provider'
        - '@sylius.zone_matcher'
        - '@sylius.registry.tax_calculation_strategy'
        - { name: sylius.order_processor, priority: 10 }

Now we need to change the method getTaxZone to be using the shipping address:

private function getTaxZone(OrderInterface $order): ?ZoneInterface
    $shippingAddress = $order->getShippingAddress();
    $zone = null;

    if (null !== $shippingAddress) {
        $zone = $this->zoneMatcher->match($shippingAddress, Scope::TAX);

    return $zone ?: $this->defaultTaxZoneProvider->getZone($order);

And with this change, the way how taxes are calculated will be based on shipping address.