Sylius installation via Vagrant


This article assumes you’re familiar with Composer, a dependency manager for PHP. It also assumes you have Composer installed globally. Basic knowledge about Vagrant is also required, and of course installed Vagrant.

What’s Vagrant?

Vagrant is a tool for building complete development environments, that in case of Sylius will help you to quickly have full application running on your machine.


Learn more about Vagrant. Vagrant installation info.

How to install Sylius using Vagrant?

  1. Clone the Sylius/Vagrant repository into the /sylius/ directory:
$ git clone sylius
  1. Move to the /sylius/ directory and build Vagrant:
$ cd sylius
$ vagrant up
  1. Add an entry for sylius.test to the etc/hosts file:
# etc/hosts      sylius.test www.sylius.test

From now on you will be able to access running Sylius application at http://sylius.test/app_dev.php.